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Lifting Barbell



"Just finishing my second round of Ladies Lift Camp and I can’t say enough good things. Comfortable environment full of supportive women, from first timers to experienced! 12/10 would recommend!!"


~ Alisha

"I have been doing the Ladies Lift Camp at Bowmanville Cross Fit since last fall and love it! Getting stronger all the time! As we age preserving and improving muscle mass is very important. This class is a great way to learn how to lift safely and correctly and have fun at the same time!"

~ Christine

"I am currently in my 3rd six week session of the ladies “Lift” class. Not only do I look forward to the classes, I’m actually excited to be there, getting stronger each week! The support and guidance during class is amazing. I had no idea what I was doing when I joined, but the coaches support and teach you so you feel comfortable and confident in no time. I’m thrilled to have found CrossFit Bowmanville! Thank you for all you do to help me achieve my goals!"

Lift Camp Runs Mondays & Wednesdays 6:30pm

Registration for our March 6th Session NOW OPEN!

Women of All Ages Should Be Lifting Weights! 
Here are just some of the BENEFITS of WEIGHT TRAINING for WOMEN


💪 Builds Lean Muscle: Strength training helps women develop lean muscle mass, resulting in a sculpted and toned physique without excessive bulkiness.

💪 Enhances Metabolism: Regular strength training boosts metabolism, aiding in weight management and fat loss.

💪  Improves Strength and Functionality: Increased strength from weightlifting enhances daily activities and athletic performance, promoting functional fitness.

💪  Increases Bone Density: Weight-bearing exercises in strength training improve bone density, reducing the risk of osteoporosis and related bone diseases.

💪 Empowers Mind and Body: Strength training fosters confidence, empowerment, and a positive body image, encouraging women to break stereotypes and embrace their strength.


Starting a weight training program is one of the best things you can do for your health and longevity.  

 Increased strength

 Improved muscle definition

 Boosted Metabolism 24/7

 Increased Confidence

 Positive Body Image

 Stress Relief

The Details:

📆  When - MONDAYS & WEDNESDAYS AT 6:30pm

📍 Where - 325 Lake Road Bowmanville - CrossFit Bowmanville 

💲Cost - $189 plus hst for 6 weeks 

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