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The essence of CrossFit coaching is to get our clients to move better. Good coaches can see faults and have the tools, knowledge and ability to correct these faults. If you can get your athletes to consistently move better, you are a considered a “good coach.”




CFL2 Trainer,  PCIP Level 1, PCIP Level 2, CHEK Exercise Coach,
CHEK Golf Biomechanic

James is the father of 3 active boys and is married to CrossFit Bowmanville co-founder Laura. He has over 25 years experience in the fitness industry and loves going to work everyday to help others improve their lives through physical activity. He states “the thing I love most about CrossFit is the accessibility of it to everyone of all fitness levels and the accountability that it brings towards achieving your goals and improving yourself with every workout”. His favorite way to spend an afternoon is hanging out with his family watching a movie or of course doing something active.

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CFL2 Trainer, CrossFit Mobility Trainer, CrossFit Gymnastics, Menopause For Athletes, Precision Nutrition PN1

Laura became involved in health and fitness at a young age. She has always loved gymnastics, seeing what her body is capable of and pushing her limits.  A foodie at heart, she loves cooking up healthy tasty meals for her friends and family. After becoming certified in 2009 she became involved in endurance sports. After many 10k’s, half marathons a 30K and her first marathon, she became a mom… the ultimate test of endurance!

She has incorporated CrossFit into her own fitness and that of her personal training clients for many years.  When asked what she likes most about training and teaching, “We are very privileged to be able to spend our days doing what we do…I love the feeling of getting a P.R., and the way my clients react when they realize they are able to do something they never thought they were capable of”.



CFL1 Trainer

Samantha has been doing CrossFit since 2016. Over the course of 3 years she became a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, and a mom to two boys.  She has always been very active and involved in sports such as gymnastics, cheerleading, soccer, volleyball and baseball. During the warmer months you can find her outside a lot of the time going for walks to the park with her husband and young boys, or doing handstands just about anywhere. She is a graduate of Durham college from the pre service firefighter program. With a passion for health and fitness, Samantha believes that anyone can find a place in the community of CrossFit and loves coaching all different levels of athletes.



CFL1 Trainer, CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer, Precision Nutrition PN1

Mark  is known to our community as Grandpa Mark – Grandfather of five. Father of 5 daughters – Husband of 28 years.

Mark is a founding member of Crossfit Bowmanville and is a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer. When Mark is not at the gym he spends his time learning new skills in photo and video editing.


During the winter season you can find him at Brimacombe skiing in the evenings.


Mark is currently studying ways to improve the overall everyday health of our aging community through a thought project call #BWA – Better With Age



CFL1 Trainer 

As an active husband to a competitive wife and husband of three energetic boys.


Ryan loves the energy and athleticism that CrossFit allows him to attain and maintain as well as the community he has met along the way.


Ryan was first introduced to CrossFit by a coworker in 2015 and never looked back.


Now, with his CrossFit Level 1 course complete, he looks forward to coaching and motivating others on their fitness journeys.



CFL2 Trainer, Crossfit Nutrition, Precision Nutrition PN1, Burgener Weightlifting 

Ashley has always had a love for sports such as volleyball, baseball, snowboarding and more recently Spartan racing and cycling.


She discovered a passion for health and fitness after discovering CrossFit in 2018. "Of all the gyms and programs I have been involved in, I had never experienced the warm community that is CrossFit. There is simply nothing like it".


Ashley enjoys coaching and celebrating along side members reaching goals and conquering things they never thought possible. "Little steps add to big changes".


After discovering the mental, physical and overall well-being that comes with consistency through her own fitness journey, Ashley wants to inspire others to create lasting changes, gain confidence all while discovering that exercise can be fun.



Bachelor of Science - Kinesiology, CFL1 Trainer

Joelle has loved being active ever since she can remember. She has participated in many sports growing up, including snowboarding, wakeboarding, and soccer.


She continued playing soccer through her university years and started going to the gym regularly. After experiencing the mental and physical benefits that come with consistent strength training, she decided to become a personal trainer.


She graduated university with a Bachelor of Science in Honours Kinesiology in 2020, and has been working as a personal trainer since.

She regularly loves waking up for a morning yoga session, and picked up jump rope as a hobby as well. She has a passion for health and fitness, and enjoys helping others reach their goals.



Registered Health Coach, Personal Training Specialist

Kim is the proud mother of three active daughters and have been involved in sports and fitness with her husband for over 25 years.


Over the years, Kim has participated in many races from 5km up to the marathon distance, numerous triathlons, adventure and obstacle races.  She has developed a passion for anything physical and is willing to try almost anything!  


She has played ball hockey, competed in many master’s swim meets, notably competing at the World Championship Meet held in Montreal.  Kim is a passionate member of the CrossFit Community and has participated in many competitive events over the last four years.   

Kim has been involved in her daughter’s sports, volunteering to coach soccer and participating as a Team Trainer for hockey.  Her journey in fitness started the path to her overall focus on health, nutrition and wellness. 


This has led to her becoming certified as a Registered Health Coach with the Health Coach Alliance, Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Coach and Personal Trainer Specialist. Kim currently working towards the CrossFit Level 1 Certification.

“I have a passion for all things healthy and want to share the benefits for leading an active and fulfilling life.”



CFL1 Trainer

Jason is a busy dad of 5 children who loves helping members with their health and fitness goals.

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CFL1 Trainer

After spending over a decade as a Crossfitter, Chris finally took the plunge into coaching in 2022 to help share the knowledge of the sport he loves. When he's not coaching or training, you can find him trying to keep up with his three sons, or spending time with his amazing wife.

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CFL1 Trainer

I’m a husband, father and firefighter. I love family time, cooking and being active.
I found CrossFit through playing competitive sports in my younger years. What started out as a great workout has become my lifestyle. So many positives surround the CrossFit world. I truly enjoy the personal challenge, healthy environment and camaraderie our CFB community offers.
As a coach I will continue to learn and share my knowledge with the goal to make our members better.



Bachelor of Kinesiology,  CSEP-CPT

Bailey is originally from a small town in Nova Scotia moving to Bowmanville to start her career as an elementary teacher!


    She was a competitive swimmer from the age of 6 and swam all 4 years varsity with her university. She also participated in a variety of different sports as a kid including Highland Games/strength competitions in off seasons from swimming. 


She began CrossFit after finishing her swimming career and competed in a girls gone RX team competition with hopes to compete more! 


She has experience working with all ages from youth to senior as well as university varsity athletes from various sports. 


She also have an adorable Aussiedor named Thor.



Kids Program and Party Lead

Keri was a competitive athlete growing up and found a renewed passion for health and fitness after her daughter was born.


Through her daughter's desire to climb and explore, Keri and her husband began learning about new ways to challenge her daughter's growing skills.


Working with obstacle courses and gymnast rings became a regular part of her family's routines at home.


Keri is passionate about sharing this way of keeping active with other parents and families. 

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