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2024 Fall Into Fitness


Reduce body fat, shed pounds, sleep better, recover faster, perform better and fuel your workouts!

Grab Your Spot Below 
Bod Squad Kicks Off on September 6th


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Easy to Follow Nutrition Protocol -customized to YOUR Goals!

Daily Habit Tracking - Follow the habits that our most successful clients use to reach their goals!

Supportive Online Community

Fun Weekly Challenges

Unlimited Messaging

Weekly Structured Check Ins

3 InBody Scans (local clients only)

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Are You Ready To Make A Change?

What Can You Achieve In 6 Weeks?

Gain Lean Muscle

Lose Bodyfat

Have More Energy

Sleep Better

Become More Confident

Party Time

Are you ready to achieve results like these 👆?


This program is for those who want access to complete nutrition and lifestyle coaching to get the job done fast! HEALTHY HABITS plus a CUSTOM NUTRITION PLAN is the perfect solution to help you lose fat without losing muscle, be energized, healthy and fit!

Don't wait!

Claim your spot by clicking the button below.


"I regret getting leaner and feeling better"

- Said No One Ever. 


Q - Do I have to give up my favourite foods?

A - No! No foods are off limits.

Q - Do I need to give up (wine/beer) etc?

A - No, but depending on how much/often you are currently drinking, you will get the best results if you moderate alcohol intake.

Q - Do I need to fill out a complicated excel spreadsheet every week?

A - No! You'll track your habits with our nutrition coaching app, track your measurements and answer a few check in questions weekly!

Q - Is this open just to members?

A - No! The Fall Into Fitness Bod Squad is for members and non-members as well!

Q - How much does it cost? 

A - Bod Squad is just $249 plus HST.

Have more questions?  email us at

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