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At CFB March is Emergency Services Month. During the first and last weeks of March we have complementary Emergency Services specific classes running !

Taking care of our health and fitness is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves and our families.


During the month of March we run a series of complementary fitness classes for those in the Emergency Services professions (Paramedic, Police and Fire Department).

We understand the physical, mental and emotional demands of these professions and the need for a proper, focused approach to health and fitness. 


Crossfit and our style of training is ideally suited to help with the demands of these professions. Our approach to general physical preparedness and the ability to adequately deal with any and all physical challenges in life and work, sets our conditioning methodology apart from the rest. We believe Crossfit is simply the best form of training for the emergency service professional.



During the one hour session we are going to do a fun, Crossfit work that will be tailored to all fitness levels.


We will go through a warmup, where we will assess your range of motion and provide insight if there are any area that need to be focused on to keep you healthy for work and life.


We will also focus on key functional movement patterns such as squatting, pressing, pulling and pushing. The ability to perform these movements properly means we have less chance of injury, we are able to move more effectively (we can get more work done) and effectively (getting faster results in less time).



Q. Can i come to more than one class in the month?

A.Yes come as many times as you like to the ES Classes.

Q. Do I need to be fit to do a class?

A. No the classes are modified for each individual to accommodate injuries and fitness levels.

Q. Can I come to a regular class?

A. No. All our members go thru a foundations program before starting classes.

Emergency Services Days
Monday March 4th,
Wednesday March 6th,
Friday March 8th,
Monday March 25th,
Wednesday March 27th,

All class times are at 1pm.

Please complete the Form below online to reserve your spot! 

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